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Video production helpweb video production

. . . for embedding on your website and/or shown on outside platforms such as YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Twitter,
TikTok, Facebook Posts, Facebook Reels,
Instagram Posts, Instagram Reels,
Triller, and Snapchat.

Complete production from start to finish,
some prices below.

Quick and simple,
or more complex.

Filmed versions use professional camera
and audio equipment,
with studio lighting:
or when required
for a needed format,
a cell phone with
upgrades to audio
and lighting.

Less than 3% of
webpages have
a video embedded
on it to watch!

Such as for
short commercials,
or YouTube Shorts
or Instagram Reels
or TikTok
or Triller
or Snapchat.

social media many views of a posting
The more views
of a video
the better!

Videos designed to increase your main search engine results
AND for retention
time points (persons staying on your page for a longer time
watching a video
before they click off).

Can also be made to appear in search engine results when a person types in certain search words.

Our senior creator himself has been
seen in more than
700 million views
of social media!
And one recent
one-person-project itself had about
a million views
in its first month!

The main search engine loves videos
(it even owns YouTube!)
So sometimes, your short video can actually come up higher in the search results than your webpage does!

The average person's attention span is very short-- that's why short videos are best.

You can have yourself filmed talking in a short video-- or it can be a not-filmed video made up of still photos and text cards
Examples a bit below.

'Explainer' videos,
'Sales' videos,
'Talking Head' videos
(the most popular)

If for a business, we will be asking you: what are the exact words you think someone would type into the search engine if looking for what
service you offer?

A major SEO research team analyzed one million webpages
and found:
90% of them received no Internet search traffic (searches).
>> So, 9 out of 10 webpages are
fully worthless
for potential clients
looking for a specific
product or service
to find you.

Video example 1.

is an example
of a 1-minute
not-filmed video quickly made
using only still photos,
text cards, and
background music ($150).

But more important:
it can sometimes also come up on the first page of the main search engine, above most websites!

PROVE it yourself:
if you
Internet search
Polygraph test in Claremont,
this quickly-made
short-form video
is ranked very highly,
high on page 1 of
the search results.

Even better: this video showed up high in search results only minutes after it was placed on the Internet, and long after it is still there
on the first page:
video in search results

make a custom video for my business
Video example 2.

marketing video
These ones are examples of quick, accurate, simple FILMED videos that can typically come
up in a search of a product or service when using the main search engine

(one-minute versions are $295)

Several different
colored backgrounds
seamless paper rolls
available for film use:

(below is an orange background)

help with a short video

We stock many of these Savage
seamless background colors:

video background colors
Call for our current available
choices to use during filming.

Filmed versions use professional camera
and audio equipment,
with studio lighting:
NOT a cell phone.

Bargain prices.

Assembly and
simple editing of a
one-minute video
using your still images and your desired text,
simple low-volume background music added. Uploaded to your webpage and/or to free off-page placement. $150
(no filming involved)

make a custom video for my business
A one minute video;
FILMED, assembled, text portions and embedded text where wanted, including
simple editing. Uploaded to your webpage and/or to your free off-page placement. You write the short script.
Use of our camera/audio/lighting equipment, our location and background
color roll used.
(this price will be going up soon)

Longer videos
other locations:
Call to discuss.

Video production help
for content creators
or for
social media use such as for YouTubers
(we have worked
with hundreds of YouTubers, from young well-known millionaires with millions of subscribers through many new first-time YouTubers.
Call to discuss.

social media many views
The more views,
the better!

Videos are typically the most enjoyed
choice of our clients!


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