Online Presence in 72 Hours

online presence help If your weekly calls were low last year,
it likely will be
worse this year,
without help.

Below are 7 things
we can put in place
in 72 hours or less
to help improve your
online presence.

('Online presence' is: How often your
business comes up
in a search of a
certain set of words
when a person types
those words into the
main search engine)

dominate the competition

SEO expert
Why choose us
to help you?

Or, why shouldn't I
try these myself,
or ask my kid or a
friend to give it a go?

We actually
DOMINATE the Internet searches
for the businesses
we personally run, in every city we choose to, and we are often asked if we can
do some of the
steps for other
business people!

related services
are now available to help increase your
online presence,
including the
below 6 choices

and many others.

C.--Because all are
using legal and
'white hat'

D.--Because the
costs involved are very low right now!

E.--This is not something to be done by your friend 'who knows all about SEO'!

F.--Our core work
has been seen in
more than 700
million social media
views; one recent
one-person-project itself had about
a million views
in its first month!

Your friend never dominated a profession over competitors with
his supposed
'SEO knowledge';
and what worked a year ago is no
longer correct today.

If any step is done wrong or left out, the
results will not happen
AND could actually
destroy future goals.

Not done by a kid
or for fun: done by business professionals who use social media daily to increase their visibility & workload.

We can show you why your competitors come up higher in the main search engine than you do, getting
the bulk of the calls
while you get the
leftover crumbs.

In some professions,
one person grabs up
about 80% of the calls from possible clients,

internet marketing
leaving only the
remaining 20% of
the possible clients
for the competitors
to compete for.


The main search engine alone processes billions of searches daily and directs millions of customers to businesses like
yours yearly.

>>>But 90%
of webpages get
NO Internet
search traffic
9 out of 10
webpages are
fully worthless
for potential clients
looking for a specific
product or service
to find you.

The following 6 choices all presume that you currently have a webpage up:

  get backlinks 1.

web video production

. . . embedded on your website and/or shown on outside platforms such as YouTube,
YouTube Shorts, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram Posts,
Instagram Reels,
Facebook Posts,
Facebook Reels,
Triller, and

Complete production from start to finish.

All your competitors
have websites; but
almost none of your
competitors have
their own videos

(Keep reading this section
and the 5 sections below it,
or click HERE to go now to
the page of video options
that begin at only $150)

Quick and simple,
or more complex.

Less than 3% of
webpages have
a video embedded
on it to watch!

Filmed versions use professional camera
and audio equipment,
with studio lighting:
or when required
for a needed format,
a cell phone with
upgrades to audio
and lighting.

social media many many views
The more views,
the better!

Like having your own
commercial available
24 hours a day.

Video example 1:
(assembled, not filmed;
low price but effective!)

is an example
of a 1-minute simple
video quickly made
using only still photos,
text cards, and
background music

But more important:
this simple video can sometimes also come up on the first page of the main search engine, often above most websites!

Verify its success yourself here:
if you do an
online search of
Polygraph test in Claremont,
this quickly-made
not-filmed video
is ranked very highly
on the first page,
yet a similar video
for you might only
have a low price to
have it assembled, produced, light background music added, and uploaded.

Even better: this simple video showed up high in search results only minutes after it was placed on the Internet, and long after it is still there
high on the first page:
video in search results

Simple, yet

Video example 2.

marketing video
These two are examples
of quick, simple filmed videos that typically come up in a search of a product
or service when using
the main search engine

film a video for my business
Most requested:

One-minute FILMED videos that can feature you speaking on camera,
often with related
on-screen text
and related stills
properly inserted,

or instead can simply be a one-minute NOT-filmed video made from photo stills and printed portions.

Usually low-volume music in the background to
tie it together.

Longer videos ok too,
just costs more.

Short as to work
with today's common
short attention spans!

Filmed versions use professional camera
and audio equipment,
with studio lighting;
or when required
for a needed format,
a cell phone but with
upgrades to audio
and lighting.

Videos designed to
at the same time increase your main search engine results
AND for retention
time points (persons staying on your page for a longer time
watching a video
before they click off).

Several different
colored backgrounds
seamless paper rolls
available for film use:

(below is an orange background)

help with a short video

We stock many of these Savage
seamless background colors:

video background colors
Call for our current available
choices to use during filming.

More information HERE
about video options
that begin at low rates

video on your webpage 2.


. . . are links to your
website that are placed on other websites known
to be typically
indexed by the
main search engine;
this is known as
'off-site SEO'.

“(the main search engine) uses more than 200 ranking factors: backlinks are still
by far the number one determining factor”.

Often backlinks are
seen by search engines as 'votes'
for your website.

See our 25 business
Backlinks Special HERE!

Note: you are NOT
'buying links'.
These are
actual applied links.

And: we only use
backlinks from domains known
to be indexed
by the major
search engine.

dominate the competition

social media done correct for a business 3.

social media

dont do social media wrong

Instagram Posts
Instagram Reels
Facebook Posts
Facebook Reels
YouTube Shorts
and more

Not done by a kid
or for fun: done by business professionals who use social media daily to increase their visibility & workload.

many views on social meduia
The more views,
the better!

For best results
after the first postings,
you will have to be disciplined enough
to to put out several postings per week
for maximim ranking.
We can also do that for you, or teach
you how to.

More information HERE,
and you can ask for
indisputable real-world
proof that it works
for businesses too!

invisible to Google's search robots 4.

SEO search engine optimization

Come up higher
in the main
search engine =
more visits to
your page.

If your website is
invisible to the search
engines, then you are
likely also invisible
to almost all possible
potential clients.

- - -
This is not something to be done by your friend 'who knows
all about SEO'!

Your friend never dominated a profession over competitors with his 'SEO knowledge';
and what worked a year ago is no
longer correct today.

We maintain continual continuing education on the algorithm changes and more.
- - -

Some is on-page,
some is off-page.

More information HERE, this can
involve many options

dominate the competition

improve website seo 5.

website correction for SEO

You might have
a great-looking webpage, but it's not appearing during searches on the main search engine for your product or service. So,
since you're invisible to the public, you're not getting the calls.

Most of this corrective work is invisible, only seen by the search engine's robots.

There are 4 sets of invisible words
your page must have
or you won't be coming up high during searches.
Most self-built webpages are missing most of these.

A mechanic looks
under the car hood;
we look at
the massive
gobbledygook of
code making up
your page.

Also known as
'client-side SEO',
mostly HTML
Often quick and
easy to fix;
if you made your
own page, we can
tell you what it needs.

Call it a 'boost'
if that's easy
to understand!

More information HERE; we can do it all or can help you with do-it-yourself guidance

internet coverage for many cities 6.

webpage covering many cities

Does it seem like one
of your competitors
comes up no matter
what city is asked for,
yet you don't?

You can do what
they are doing.

A time-consuming process, but we can show you how it works. If done
wrong, can actually
hurt your presence.

More information HERE

dominate the competition

Or maybe even a

We can recommend
a start-up plan;
perhaps going from
zero social media today
to full social media
three days from now!


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Online Presence
help we can do in
72 hours or less!

make my webpage come up higher
this 1-2-3:

Nobody looks
for services
or products in
the phonebook.

2. Nobody looks
for services
or products in
the newspaper.

3. Everybody uses
the Internet instead!

SEO help